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Size Full Vertical Half Horizontal Half Quarter
  Dimension & Weight
Dimension (LxWxH) 2599mmX2199mmX7.5mm 2599mmX109mmX7.5mm 1299mmX2199mmX705mm 1299mmX1099mmX7.5mm
Weight approx 117kg approx 59kg approx 60kg approx30kg
  Electrical Specs
Maximum Power(Pmax) +/-5%
360W 340W 320W 180W 170W 160W 180W 170W 160W 90W 85W 80W
193.96V 191.73V 188.50V 94.33V 93.92V 93.08V 193.96V 191.73V 188.50V 94.33V 93.92V 93.08V
2.91A 2.93A 2.92.A 2.91A 2.93A 2.92A 1.50A 1.46A 1.48A 1.50A 1.46A 1.48A
147.60V 144.11V 136.36V 73.78V 72.03V 68.06V 147.60V 144.11V 136.36V 73.78V 72.03V 68.06V
2.44A 2.36A 2.35A 2.44A 2.36A 2.35A 1.22A 1.18A 1.18A 1.22A 1.18A 1.18A
OpenCircuitVoltage (Voc)+/-10%
ShortCircuitCurrent (Isc) )+/-10%
Maximum PowerVoltage(Vmpp) +/-10%
Maximum Power Current(Impp) +/-10%
  Temperature Coefficents
Maximum Power(Pmax) -0.23%/°C
Open circuit Voltage (Voc) -0.3%/°C
Short circut current (Isc) +0.08%/°C
Maximum System Voltage 1000V
Bypass diode 10A
Maximum series fuse 6A 6A 3A 3A
Operating module temprature -40°C~85°C
Maximum load 2400 Pa or 245 kg/m2
  Mechnical Characterstics
Cell Type Amorphous Silicon
Glass Type   3.2 mm Annealed glass on front and back  
Encalpsulation   PVB (Polyvinyl butyral)  
Frame material   Frameless
Output cable / Connectors (option) "Cable:
Nominal Cross Section: 4.0mm2, Outer diameter: 6.4mm,
Rated Voltage: 1000VDC, Rated current: 55a
Connector: MC PV-KBT4 and PV-KST4 or Equivalent"


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