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Knowing Solar

Domestic Applications

Recent years have seen a marked increase in the number of installations of Photovoltaic Arrays on to buildings that have a pre-existing connection to the power grid. This demand has been partly fuelled by government subsidy programmes & by the 'net metering' policies of utility providers. The thrust though has come from individuals or companies who desire to obtain their electricity from a clean, non-polluting & renewable source... Even if it means having to pay a small premium.

In these grid-connected systems, the electricity demand of the building is met by the PV System and any day-time excess is fed into the grid. Batteries are not required because the grid caters to any extra demand. However, if you want to be independent of the grid supply, you will need a storage battery to provide power outside of daylight hours.

PV modules can be retro-fitted on to a pitched roof above the existing roof-tiles, or the tiles can be replaced by specially designed PV roof-tiles or roof-tiling systems. If you are planning to install a PV system on to a building and have it connected to the grid supply, there are likely to be local regulations that need to be met, and permission required from your electricity service provider. The level of retail credit received for any exported electricity will vary significantly by country and possibly state / province.

Industrial Applications

Solar Energy has been the power supply of choice for industrial applications where power is required at remote settings. Solar power works out to be more economical in these applications even without subsidies since most systems in individual uses require only a few kilowatts of power.

Applications include powering repeater stations for microwave, TV & radio, telemetry and radio telephones.

Solar energy is also being increasingly used on transportation signalling, viz. offshore navigation buoys, lighthouses, aircraft warning lights on pylons & in road traffic warning signals. It is also used to power environmental & situational monitoring equipment and corrosion protection systems (based on impressing a current) for pipelines, well-heads, and bridges or other structures. As before, it can be cost effective to configure a hybrid power system that links the PV with a small diesel generator for larger electrical loads.

Solar's great benefit here is that it is highly reliable and requires very little maintenance, so it's ideal for places that are hard to get to.

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